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E-books are available for Kindle, Kindle Fire HD, Kobo and generic E-book readers for the likes of IPads, tablets, Android Phones, PC’s and laptops. We supply the ebooks in PDF format, which is read by 99.9% of readers today, as well as your PC.

Our list of E-books is growing all the time, so please pop back regularly to see if we’ve added something new that suits your taste.

PRICING: There is a basic rule of thumb for our pricing of E-Books. If they are under 100 Pages, the price is £1.00 each. Between 101 and 200, it’s £1.95. Between 201 and 300, it’s £2.95. Above that number of pages, we set prices individually. Thanks.

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A whole E-Book dedicated to one of the best MILF’s in the business. A varied selection of sets make this a firm favourite. Over 150 Images of this beautiful Mature lady. 163 Pages.

The E-Book features 4 different sets:

A Light (Clothed but topless) Bondage set.

An Art Nude Set.

Tiffany in a rather strict looking Uniform.

Solo Masturbation set.

A general set of Tiffany (Some bondage, some lingerie etc.)



You’ve got to love them. Whether they’re bare, in stockings, or even in tights, they are just sooo sexy. Over 150 Hi-Res images in one book. 182 Pages.

There is no specific “Chapters” in this book. Just well over 150 images that feature legs, stockinged ones, bare ones, legs in tights, feet, shoes, etc.

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We all love Mellie. Large tits, filthy mind! Over 100+ Images of this gorgeous lady.

If you like your ladies big, then this is for you. 6 different ladies showing off their plentiful charms. 150+ Images

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At the opposite extreme from the BBW, is Karina. Tiny little thing. Very flexible, and very sexy. 169 Pages.

No so much different sets, as a collection of shots over many shoots.


MILFs (Mother’s I’d Like to Fuck) are a firm favourite. 6 ladies in a variety of sets. From no nudity to dildos going places! 160 Pages.

The featured ladies are:

Anastasoula. Mature, sexy, and creative, just what we like in our MILFs. In this set, she is dressed as a schoolgirl!

Cameron. Normally a fetish queen, Cameron shows us her glamour side, with wands and vibes aplenty.

Alig. Alix puts on a show for us MILF followers.

Honey. Honey does it old school with a glass dildo.

Mary. Not a nipple or a pube in site,  but still an erotic and sexy set.

Mellie. Doing the housework, what does she find? Well, if you look at the cover, you’ll know.

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Female Masturbation Vol 1.

The brief was simple. Do it for real. No “porno wanks.” Just real women, doing it for real. 158 Pages. Some are models, some are “girls next door.” The remit was simple… Masturbate for real. No theatrics (Unless that’s how you do it for real) Just plain old female masturbation.

In this Volume, we feature

Kayleigh. An established glamour model, we talked her into “doing it for real.”

Tiffany. Another Glamorous MILF. Before the shoot itself, we talked her into working on this project.

Pixie. A shy little thing that took a little persuassion, but well worth the effort.

Knotty. She was actually in the studio for a bondage shoot, and well, one thing led to another.

Red. Well, who doesn’t know Red? Top porno performer. But this is a genuine, 100% personal moment from just before a shoot.

Vienna. A BBW amateur relaxing in her own bedroom, doing what comes naturally.


Women in the tub. Sometimes naked, sometimes fully clothed. You pays your money, you takes your choice. 7 different women, 8 different sets. One thing in common. They’re wet!

The featured girls are:

“E.” Clothed bathing “interrogation style.” She liked the water cold - just look at the nipples if you think it’s fake!

Chrissie. A fan of the more traditional bubbles and hot water approach.

Emily. She’s a combination of both the girls above. Clothes still on, but the water is warm and soapy.

Kel. You should never eat in the bath! Especially custard and trifle. It tends to make a mess.

Tamzin. What was she thinking? She was so preoccupied with having a bath, she forgot to take her nurses uniform off!

Zzem. Back to good old traditions again. Hot water, bubbles, nudity.

Emily. Showering this time. Oops careless woman left her clothes on again.

Kristine. Well, what can you say. Grunge in the bathtub!

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The erotic images of Asmodeus. Photographs from some of my many Shoots. These were all taken between 2000, and 2011. There’s another volume in the pipeline for more recent stuff. 300+ Images.

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