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Hi, and welcome to this intro page about “FETISHFUNONLINE”

This is a combined e-book / e-mag, with additional online content being launched in October 2013.

Each “e-mag” will feature nude and fetish photography, along with erotic stories and editorial features relating to fetishism.

We will be featuring:

A bit more details:

“Featured Photographer:”

I’m trying to do two of these per month. There will be a brief bio of the photographer, credits, and links to your other work etc. Say something along the lines of 250 words about yourself, your work, etc.

For this, I’ll need 24-36 9x6 Hi-res images - Hi-res because the e-book is designed to cater for the Kindle Fire HD as well as more generic tablets / ebooks, etc. I want to point out that the higher resolution images WILL NOT be placed on the web. They are simply used for compiling into e-book. We are constantly working on ways to decrease the size of the images required.

The images can (SHOULD) carry a copyright notice in one of the corners.

The featured set will most probably be 18-20 or so images, but due to formatting, it’s best to submit 36.

They don’t have to be of the same model. This is about YOU, not one specific model, although you can submit such a set if you want.

Rights are purely for the e-book, and the associated website (www.fetishfunonline.com). We will not put them anywhere else.

Also, there will be a contract that gets signed between us, which will outline all the various parts, (How much we agreed to pay you, confirmation that you are the copyright holder, etc.)

“Readers Pics:”

This is the generic “readers pictures” you get in almost every adult mag.

Same rules about image sizes. Kindle HD’s need larger sizes than other devices. NO HI-RES images are ever placed on the web,

Again, a discrete copyright message somewhere on the image is advised.

Same as before: Rights are purely for the e-book, and the associated website (www.fetishfunonline.com). Not for anywhere else.

Erotic fiction:

I’m looking to feature at least one “erotic” story, preferably related to fetishism each month.

Initially, we will steer clear of material that is too near the knuckle. Certainly no snuff, kiddie or rape etc.

If in doubt, send it to me for appraisal, I have a broad mind, and won’t take offence (Unless it’s kiddie, snuff, etc.)

About 1500-2000 words

Same as before: Rights are purely for the e-book, and the associated website (www.fetishfunonline.com). Not for anywhere else.

Editorial writing on Fetishism:

This is for serious discussion on elements of fetishism. What drives it, why do you think you’re involved in it? Etc.

This is also the place for “how to’s” - off the back of my hand, I’m thinking things like how to practice safe wax play, how to utilise common objects for fetish play, etc.

About 1500-2000 words

Rights as for the any other material. The e-book, the associated website, and that’s all.

“Readers Letters:”

Another common thing in most mags.

Keep it to fetishism, erotic matters. 100-250 words. You can remain anonymous if you like.

Same rights issues as any other material submitted. E-book and associated website only.


This will, ultimately, be the major concern.

This is entirely self funded and budgeted by myself. I believe in paying for anything submitted, but it will not be massive amounts, and more to simply cover your time rather than making you a millionaire.

There will be a sliding scale, with “Featured Photographer” at the top, then erotic stories, editorial writing, readers pics, then readers letters.

In reality, readers letter won’t be paid, but in common with most magazines (And assuming there are enough “letters” to warrant it, the “featured letter,” may get a small payment.

Any other business?

I’m not a full time publisher, I’m a kinkster who likes getting his hands dirty doing things. This is one of my projects. I’ve put some money aside to finance it, and have 12 issues financed and most of my content shot. That’s about as far ahead as I’ve looked. If I sell one edition, I’ll be happy, but I want to make it as kink appealing as I can. I know my opinions and photographs are a small part of the entire scene, and that’s why I’m opening it up to others.

If you have any questions, I’m doug@asmodeus.co.uk

Thanks for dropping by.